5 Tips for becoming more successful and healthy

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Greetings and welcome to my blog and first post!apple-150x150

So your new business venture is up and running. Your product or service is in demand and sales are generating sufficient profit to enable you to continue on.

You are however working harder and longer than ever before. How do you remain successful, become more successful and maintain your sanity and health?


  1. Find a mentor. Someone who has been there done that. This may be a retired who wishes to pass on their knowledge and experience, it may be a professional consultant. In whatever guise a good mentor will add value to your management of your business.
  2. Keep yourself fit and healthy. If you run out of puff your business will likely follow suit.
  3. Have a Schedule. Avoid being always reactionary. Do what is important, not what is “urgent”.
  4. Understand your Limitations. Face your limitations and compensate. Undertake study or training, hire someone to do a specific task.
  5. Establish Goals and Timeframes. Do this every day and for longer periods too. Monthly, six monthly and annually. Regularly check your performance against those goals. Be prepared to measure the reality of those goals and amend as necessary.

Be well.

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