5 Most Common Business Mistakes (of small business start-ups)

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Not doing the planning.

Planning is boring I hear you say. You just wnumber_5-300x300ant to get your idea moving. Without planning, business, financial, marketing, your idea will remain remain just that.

Not setting goals.

SMART Goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-based

Identify where and in what shape you want your business to be at a certain date in the future.

Undervaluing your products or services.

All too often as Kiwis, our relentless modesty means we just don’t back ourselves. Have confidence in what you are doing. Thoroughly assess the market you are entering. It is a long road to travel coming back from undervaluing at the start.

Avoiding New Technology

So your 3 year old son has mastered the ipad. Where are you on the technology spectrum? New technology is often intimidating and may require a time input that is difficult to justify. An unwillingness to adapt to technological advances can and most likely will hurt your business.

Being afraid of Marketing.

Thinking your business doesn’t need to market and that business will simply find you is likely to end in tears. No one size/type suits all so your marketing needs to be designed around your business and your target audience.

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